Our Programs

horse vet care

Weekend Barn Buddy Program

Ages 8 and up* (Ages are a guideline only. Under age 8 on a case by case basis)

$70 per session

A four hour, hands on horse experience. Available one, two or three times a month, and includes horsemanship class, riding, lessons, education, chores. This is horse ownership in every aspect. Take care of, enjoy, and appreciate everything your horse needs the days you are here. A typical day might start with grooming, personal time with horse, chores, tacking up and riding, participate in whatever horsemanship class is going on, education pertaining to your needs and the needs of your horse, and lessons. Barn Buddy is a year- round program.

* Under age 8 is on a trial basis


Weekday Barn Buddy Program

Thursdays Call to schedule

Fridays      9:00-11:00


​2 Hour Barn Buddies $35/ session​

3 Hour Barn Buddies $55/session

​​Same format as weekend barn buddies, modified to fit shorter time frame. Monthly sessions will cover education, hands on horse activities, skill building, and trail riding. Three sessions a month with one week off every month.


Mom & Me Barn Buddies

$30/ person per session

Saturdays 10:00-12:00

Weekday schedules forming now!

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy and learn the world of horses with your child. This class is based on the needs of the participants. Lots of horse love, riding, bonding.

(NOT limited to moms! Any significant person can participate.)


Adult Barn Buddies

Sundays 9:00-11:00; Saturdays 9:00-11:00 $40/session

Same program as Barn Buddies but geared for adults.

Helping the vet pull a tooth.

Weekend Half Day Barn Buddies

Sundays 2:00-4:00


Weekly focus on one component of the regular Barn Buddy session; whether it's a trail ride, or lessons and chores, or education and chores. Each session will focus on one of those items. 


Independent Horse Time

Call for availability. This is a program designed for you and your needs. Pricing is based on what you want to do.

Summer Programs

trail riding

Ranch Hands

Mondays-Fridays (mix and match days)
10:00-3:00 (flexible times available)

August 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
August 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

$70/day. ($70 + $3 PayPal fee)

​ages 10-99 (younger accepted with prior experience OR interview) Parents; grandparents also welcome to attend. This is a wonderful bonding opportunity for families.

An all around horse experience. This is a working barn experience. Tend your horse in every aspect, cleaning stalls, caring for your tack, learning and riding. You will receive a checklist, which entails what your horse needs daily. (Stall cleaning, fresh water, feed, etc.) You will be taught how to do the basics, and will be supervised. How you choose to enjoy your horse is up to you, as long as you are supervised and no one rides alone.


Summer Barn Buddies

Monday-Friday​ 10:00-3:00 ages 7+ (sibling ages accommodated)

$350 Ratio 1:3 (one staff, three children)  LIMITED ENROLLMENT, 6 children maximum.   

July 22nd-26th 

August 12th-16th   FULL, Call to be waitlisted

$50 non refundable deposit to hold your spot. Balance due first day of event.

Summer Barn Buddy program. A good beginning for any horse loving kid. We cover the basics and expose your child to the whole world of horses. Haltering, grooming, lessons, trail riding and chores are included in this program.ONE SPOT AVAILABLE 

young rider saddling pony

Summer Pee Wee Program

July 10th, 11th, 12th


$50 deposit to hold your spot. Balance due first day of event.


TWO Available: Pick ONE

Session One: Morning Session 9:00-12:00

Session Two: Afternoon Session 1:00-4:00

​Groom, saddle, lessons, trail rides, games, education, crafts, and chores


Dress up pony


We have the capacity to host smaller , intimate groups for parties, family gatherings, business events or any other activity.  We can not accommodate large groups and traffic.

We have many activities we can do on horseback; lessons, leadership and confidence building activities; trail rides, educational projects, leather craft activities, and much more. We can plan an event to make any get together  a fun success! 

Group events prices vary depending on activity; prices average around $250 for one hour horse time and one hour barn activity.  


Private Lessons/Personal Horse Time

$35/half hour 


Private Horse Time

Call for availability