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The Best Horses in the World



Trooper is a pure hearted angel. He is a big solid quarter horse; a gentle fellow, about 25 years old. We first met him a few years ago, when we went with a family who was looking for a horse for their beginner daughter to use for 4-H. We fell head over heels in love with his honesty and willingness to do anything the child asked of him. Alas, he wasn't a good fit for them, and by the time we heard they were not taking him he had already been care leased to someone else. We told his owner that if she ever wanted to let him come here, he could. Fast forward a few years, and our dreams came true when Trooper came to us! A kinder horse you will not find. We love him so much.



Haddasha (named after "Queen Esther") was given to us by Dana, to use as long as we need and want her, when our beloved Cheyenne passed away. She is an Arab, and as gentle and willing as can be. She likes being in the middle of everything, and loves the attention. She is 23 years old. We love her, and look forward to her being here for many, many years.  



Honey is a 23 year old sweet little horse. She is a yellow dun, and was well loved before she came to us by a little girl who grew up with her. The girl outgrew her and Honey became the left out horse, or the spare horse that anyone could ride. But, Honey didn't have a job anymore, and her owners decided to let her go to a home where she can continue to love children and give people her wonderful experience and her calm quiet heart. We are so glad they did because Honey is just as sweet as her name and more than happy to be loved and love on everyone. She has a lot of love to give.



Amigo has extensive training, but was loved from afar. His owner lived in Seattle and Amigo lived in Port Orchard, and life being what it is, never got a chance to come see him, although she paid for the best of care for him. He sat for several years, lonely, until one day a girl volunteered at his boarding stable and fell in love. She obtained permission to brush, take care of, and ride him; and she became his best friend and only companion. Sadly, the owner had him moved to another stable, suddenly and without warning, and the girl never knew where. Amigo, once again, had no personal human contact, this time for about a year, until his owner stopped paying his board. With her permission, and a series of fluke interactions, he was sold to us, where that girl, Jessica, also volunteers. Jessica and Amigo picked up right where they left off, and are better than best friends.


Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack is a pony or a miniature horse/pony combination,  we're not sure exactly. We found him living in a chicken coop in Seattle, with a well meaning family who had purchased him for a cowboy themed birthday party for their kids, with the intention of selling him the next day. He was in pretty poor shape, although to be fair to the family who had him, he did not get that way in the short amount of time he was there. It took months to get him healthy again, and two visits to a dental specialist. He had a shattered jaw which healed improperly, and numerous teeth that had broken into sharp, cutting picks, which cut his mouth every bite he took. We thought Cracker was about 30 + years old, based on his teeth, but it turns out that when his jaw was shattered, the teeth grew in to fill the gaps, all raggedy and jagged, and he is less than 20 years old. Cracker Jack is such a pleasant, happy boy, and a favorite. He loves to snuggle into you, and loves attention. He makes a wonderful dragon at our pony parties, and loves his job making children happy. He is so willing, cheerful and happy, and we are so grateful for him. He's just a wonderful boy.



Rocket is a Roan Palomino Pinto Welsh pony, about 23 years old. Anika, a member of our 4-H club, owned him prior to us, and used him for 4H, but when she outgrew him, she allowed him to come here to us, because she knew us and knew he would get attention and love, which he gets in huge amounts. He prefers arena work over trails, and is a good pony to learn skills on as he obeys very well. .

About Us



Gus is a 26 year old Belgium/ Quarter Horse cross. He was owned by Martin for a long time, then he lived with April, who owned Honey also and who sold Honey to us. Then April gave him to Jim and Jeri, and when Jim and Jeri got out of horses they wanted him to go to a good home where he would be loved and given a nice job. April remembered us and a match was made, and Gus and Honey were reunited! Gus is a quiet soul, who loves people and attention, trail rides and carrot, and will listen to your heart and keep your secrets.



Pepper story coming soon!



Ollie surveying the barn activities.